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 Tasting Notes  Vibrant, star fruit, musk stick and candied apple. 
 Growing Region   Tolima and Huila
 Variety  Caturra and Peaberry
 Process  Water EA Decaffeination Process





Peaberries are a natural mutation where one bean forms inside the coffee cherry instead of the typical two.  Peaberries are denser, sweeter and more intense in flavour.  Peebies are a combination of peaberries and smaller screen size beans that are often usually discarded only because of their size.  By using peebies Clark Street are providing a market for an often overlooked coffee, in turn providing more income for producers.  The Water EA decaffeination process uses a combination of spring water and ethyl acetate to gently extract the caffeine from the beans, avoiding excessive heat and pressure.  This process retains the natural structure of the coffee bean cells, meaning the original aroma and flavours of the coffee are retained.  The ethyl acetate is a substance naturally present in coffee, and residual levels evaporate during the roasting process.


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