Espresso Syndicate

From it's early beginnings in 2011, the team behind Melbourne's Espresso Syndicate have always been focused on sustainability - in both the coffee they source and how they run their business.  Espresso Syndicate's sustainability ethos is enacted by engaging with the producers and import partners to source coffees that are high quality and sustainable in their production.  By travelling to origin and visiting farms, mills and the producers, they build relationships that ensure quality and an equitable trading relationship.  Traceability and transparency in sourcing is key to sustainability.  For Espresso Syndicate, sustainability is also about minimising the impact of packaging.  High barrier, compostable coffee packaging ensures coffee is kept fresh without the use of petroleum plastics.  In addition to their signature Espresso Syndicate blend, Filter and Espresso Single Origins fill the demand for a sustainability focused coffee company to showcase coffee from high quality and sustainable producers.  Syndicate single origins are defining examples of origin and process.