Clark St Coffee's Commitment to Quality

Date Posted:2 May 2016 

When chatting with some of the crew at their new Richmond premises, it became apparent very quickly that Clark St take their coffee seriously, and were committed to business strategies and practises which they were all proud to be a part of.  A love of great coffee had brought them together, and their shared vision of the coffee industry is what was keeping them strong and cohesive. 

Doing things the ‘right’ way is very important to Clark St. They follow a direct-to-the-producer approach, taking them to some of the world’s best coffee growing regions where they have built personal relationships with the growers and processors.  The entire Clark St team goes to origins each season, focusing on unique, single farm and estate coffees from award winning producers, while always on the lookout for new relationships to build.  All the coffees they select for roasting are fully traceable and assessed to international standards, such as SCAA and COE. They roast their seasonal coffees individually to highlight the individual characteristics of each origin, with tailored roast profiles for espresso or filter brewing methods.

What was wonderful to see was that Clark St was also committed to their own ‘backyard’ as well.  Renewable energy methods are used within their Richmond roastery, and they keep consumption to a minimum through the use of energy efficient roasting technologies and purification systems.  Clark St follows a reuse and recycle methodology with their packaging materials, and have even developed fully compostable coffee bag packaging for their retail customers.

During my most recent visit to their Richmond digs, I was able to sample both their Mastermind and Wallflower seasonal blends as espresso and with milk; and their Colombian Altamira and Ethiopian Tade GG filter roasts.  It’s clear at the cup that the experience of the team and the practises that they have put in place pay off – it was all completely delicious and satisfying! 

You can check out the full Clark St range here.

Clark St Coffee

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